Execution Mindset

Legato comes from the mindset of execution based management. Execution is a systematic process of rigorously discussing hows and whats, questioning, probing, and tenaciously following through and also ensuring accountability. Our project/program managers will not do anything different than best practices of PMI methodology. But they will do it differently.
In addition to manage triple constraints of scope, cost and schedule plus management of risk, expectation and quality, our management methodologies focus on business benefits and long term strategic objectives of the organization with soft skills stated above.

Soft Skills

Legato gives highest focus and energy on fundamental soft skills when managing projects and initiatives.

  • Robust dialog within team by encouraging informal dialog and building relationship.
  • Understand Organization’s long term goals, Identify short term achievable targets. Keep short number of priorities to remain focus.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Our regular status reports are not designed to look good on optics. Nor they are full of nibbling details but it is formatted with specific updates, actions and risk items.
  • Our communication is not passive limited only by email or formal presentation. But it is active communication. We pick up the phone. We practice management by walking and     continuous interacting.
  • Accountability for every planned action.