FTTH – Fibre to the Home program - key organizational initiative

  • Program management. Duration 2 Years. Number of Projects : Approx 20
  • Scope :
    • Deployment of new fiber solution from HeadEnd to a residential customer home.
    • Change management and end to end transformation of business process due to technology changes from copper to fiber based product.
  • Project team distributed in 7 different cities in Ontario. Team Size : 50 plus.
  • Project Sponsorship : Vice president and senior vice presidents from Engineering, Network Services and Residential Sales as steering committee members. Stake holders : Matrix organization – functional managers, systems engineering, Operations, NOC, Contract center, Business & quality analysist, third party vendors
  • Improved customer penetration and market share by business process reengineering. Dependencies were resolved so that a customer can book the install three week before the house became ready to move in.
  • EPM Project management tools used to promote consistency between projects and reports as well as to support project data integration